Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 2 and 3 - Clinic and Farewells

Pictures from our last 2 weeks in Honduras!

[loading up the truck for the first day of clinic]

[the attendings show some excitement for the first day of clinic. left to right: dr. michael baca-atlas, dr. marcela castillo, dr. dana neutze, and dr. cristina muñoz.]

[breanne and lori (public health leaders) smile as they get ready to check in patients]

[katherine (MS4) gives hunter (MS2) some pointers while dr. castillo listens on]

[terrence (MS4) interviews a patient in spanish]

[sebastian (MS2) and erica (MS4) listen to a patient's story] 

[jamie (MS4 leader), terrence (MS4), katherine (MS4), emily (MS4), erica (MS4), haley (MS4 leader), and lori (public health leader) smile after another successful day of clinic]

[decorations for the pharmacy]

[haley (MS4 leader) and josh (MS2) speak to a patient prior to a pap smear]

[dr. neutze weighs in on emily (MS4) and ana's (MS2) plan for a patient]

[clinic in full force]

[hha celebrates the fourth of july]

[the entire hha group smiles after the final day of clinic]

[the group's final ride on the chicken truck]

[hannah (MS4), ana (MS2), jamie (MS4 leader), and josh (MS2) try to make the best of the situation while on the chicken truck during a thunderstorm]

[the group spends the day working together to input 500+ patient charts into the database]

[students input the last few patient charts]

[the group enjoys a break in ampala while they await pap smear results]

[dre (MS4) shows the group his amazing light painting skills]

[the group enjoys one last meal at juana's during the farewell party]

[and it's a wrap for hha 2017!]

Week 1 - Arrival and Charlas

Here are some pictures from the first week of our 2017 trip!

[loading up the bus to head to el corpus, our homestay base for the trip]

[ready to go!]

[el corpus]

[warm welcomes at juana's house]

[radhika (MS2) getting supplies ready for charlas, while hunter (MS2) and katherine (MS4) discuss their plans]

[sebastian (MS2) and emily (MS4) practicing their charlas in front of the group]

[loading up the chicken truck to head to madrigales to set up the clinic]

[erica (MS4) getting the pharmacy clinic ready]

[jamie (MS4 leader) sanitizing the speculums]

[beautiful view on our commute back from clinic set up]

 [MS4s stop to enjoy the views. left to right: jamie (leader), chris, katherine, hannah, emily, terrence, haley (leader), dre, and erica.]

[MS2s, MS4s, and public health leaders. top: hunter (MS2), sebastian (MS2), terrence (MS4), dre (MS4), haley (MS4 leader), hannah (MS4), maggie (MS2), lori (public health leader). middle: josh (MS2), chris (MS4), breanne (public health leader), ana (MS2), emily (MS4), erica (MS4). bottom: christina (MS2), jamie (MS4 leader), erin (MS2), katherine (MS4), and radhika (MS2).]

 [MS2s and MS4s head off to their different communities to give charlas over the next few days]

[emily (MS4) does some last minute charla prep]

 [terrence (MS4) and ana (MS2) act out a skit during a charla]

 [christina (MS2) and erin (MS2) take a break after charlas while local children peep in through the classroom window]

 [posters and diagrams used during charlas]

[erica (MS4) enjoys some down time in her community after a long day giving charlas to local women]

 [erin (MS2) and christina (MS2) hike back from their community after 2 days of charlas]

[part of the group enjoys a hike up the beautiful mountain near el corpus] 

[the group makes their way up the mountain]

Sunday, June 18, 2017


T-7 days! The 2017 HHA team will be leaving for Honduras in just 7 short days! We are all very excited to head off to Honduras on this wonderful experience. We are spending the last few days before the trip gathering the last of the supplies, brushing up on our Spanish, and trying desperately not to overpack. Hopefully we can do it all! 

We cannot wait until next Sunday!

2017 HHA Team!
Public Health Leaders: Lori Hendrickson and Breanne Lesnar
Medical School Leaders (MS4s): Haley Holway, Jamie Prince
MS4sErica Andrews, Dre Antono, Christopher Cowden, Hannah Jones, Katherine Lee, Terrence Wong, Emily Zalimeni
MS2s: Maggie Conner, Christina Dorismond, Josh Ellis, Radhika Ghodasara, Erin Isenberg, Ana Kouri, Hunter Smith, Sebastian Werner
Attendings: Cristina Munoz, MD, Dana Neutze, MD 
Fellow: Marcela Castillo, MD and 
Resident: Michael Baca-Atlas, MD

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fotos del viaje

[MS4s Diya Jost and Chris Iskander were all smiles at 6 AM on our way to Miami]

[HHA members ready for take-off!]

[The HHA crew on our way to El Corpus]

[Headed to Madrigales on day 2 to set up for clinic]

[MS4 Danielle Martin riding horseback to give charlas in Guasaule]

[Neha Verma (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) in Los Terreros for charlas]

[Ned Hardison (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) interview a patient]

[Stephanie Sun (MS2) and Anna Goswick (MS4) are all smiles at clinic]

[MS2 Kunal Patel at our laboratory station to run a urine test]

[Leaving El Corpus for clinic]

[MS2s Marie Anderson and Neha Verma on the way to clinic]

[MS2s on the ride home after another successful day of clinic]

[MS4 Anna Goswick helps MS2 Marie Anderson run a pregnancy test]

[Our fearless leader Helen Toma scrubbing speculums!]

[Our public health leaders, Lisa Garland and Lavanya Gupta, taking a quick break after hours of intake]

[Attendings Dr. Rupal Yu and Dr. Cris Munoz chatting at our clinic in Madrigales]

[Dr. Michael Baca-Atlas listens as Ned Hardison (MS2) and Patrick Snyder (MS4) present their findings]

[Dr. Martha Carlough gives MS2 Kate Garner feedback after an awesome day of work]

[Katie Paul (MS4 leader) and Stephanie Sun (MS2) are a perfectly color coordinated pair!]

[Dr. Munoz carefully counting cytology slides]

[Dr. Munoz and Natalia Smirnova (MS4) pose after a great day of work]

[Liz and Katie debriefing, laughing, and loving being in Honduras!]

[We are forever grateful for our wonderful driver and friend Pedro!]

[Joyously celebrating after another awesome day at clinic]

[Another afternoon in Madrigales means another trip to the pulperia for some post-clinic refrescos]

[Loving Honduras!]

[Everything is total cheque for these two as we head to clinic]

[MS2 Sara Feldman helps set up for our last day of clinic in Los Terreros]

[All four attendings sit together during a quick break]

[MS2s Gabby Reed and Neha Verma at the end of our very last day of clinic!]

[Gabby, Natalia and Patrick focus as they enter patient encounters into our database]

That's all folks!