Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 1 - Arrival and Charlas

Here are some pictures from the first week of our 2017 trip!

[loading up the bus to head to el corpus, our homestay base for the trip]

[ready to go!]

[el corpus]

[warm welcomes at juana's house]

[radhika (MS2) getting supplies ready for charlas, while hunter (MS2) and katherine (MS4) discuss their plans]

[sebastian (MS2) and emily (MS4) practicing their charlas in front of the group]

[loading up the chicken truck to head to madrigales to set up the clinic]

[erica (MS4) getting the pharmacy clinic ready]

[jamie (MS4 leader) sanitizing the speculums]

[beautiful view on our commute back from clinic set up]

 [MS4s stop to enjoy the views. left to right: jamie (leader), chris, katherine, hannah, emily, terrence, haley (leader), dre, and erica.]

[MS2s, MS4s, and public health leaders. top: hunter (MS2), sebastian (MS2), terrence (MS4), dre (MS4), haley (MS4 leader), hannah (MS4), maggie (MS2), lori (public health leader). middle: josh (MS2), chris (MS4), breanne (public health leader), ana (MS2), emily (MS4), erica (MS4). bottom: christina (MS2), jamie (MS4 leader), erin (MS2), katherine (MS4), and radhika (MS2).]

 [MS2s and MS4s head off to their different communities to give charlas over the next few days]

[emily (MS4) does some last minute charla prep]

 [terrence (MS4) and ana (MS2) act out a skit during a charla]

 [christina (MS2) and erin (MS2) take a break after charlas while local children peep in through the classroom window]

 [posters and diagrams used during charlas]

[erica (MS4) enjoys some down time in her community after a long day giving charlas to local women]

 [erin (MS2) and christina (MS2) hike back from their community after 2 days of charlas]

[part of the group enjoys a hike up the beautiful mountain near el corpus] 

[the group makes their way up the mountain]

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