Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fotos del viaje

[MS4s Diya Jost and Chris Iskander were all smiles at 6 AM on our way to Miami]

[HHA members ready for take-off!]

[The HHA crew on our way to El Corpus]

[Headed to Madrigales on day 2 to set up for clinic]

[MS4 Danielle Martin riding horseback to give charlas in Guasaule]

[Neha Verma (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) in Los Terreros for charlas]

[Ned Hardison (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) interview a patient]

[Stephanie Sun (MS2) and Anna Goswick (MS4) are all smiles at clinic]

[MS2 Kunal Patel at our laboratory station to run a urine test]

[Leaving El Corpus for clinic]

[MS2s Marie Anderson and Neha Verma on the way to clinic]

[MS2s on the ride home after another successful day of clinic]

[MS4 Anna Goswick helps MS2 Marie Anderson run a pregnancy test]

[Our fearless leader Helen Toma scrubbing speculums!]

[Our public health leaders, Lisa Garland and Lavanya Gupta, taking a quick break after hours of intake]

[Attendings Dr. Rupal Yu and Dr. Cris Munoz chatting at our clinic in Madrigales]

[Dr. Michael Baca-Atlas listens as Ned Hardison (MS2) and Patrick Snyder (MS4) present their findings]

[Dr. Martha Carlough gives MS2 Kate Garner feedback after an awesome day of work]

[Katie Paul (MS4 leader) and Stephanie Sun (MS2) are a perfectly color coordinated pair!]

[Dr. Munoz carefully counting cytology slides]

[Dr. Munoz and Natalia Smirnova (MS4) pose after a great day of work]

[Liz and Katie debriefing, laughing, and loving being in Honduras!]

[We are forever grateful for our wonderful driver and friend Pedro!]

[Joyously celebrating after another awesome day at clinic]

[Another afternoon in Madrigales means another trip to the pulperia for some post-clinic refrescos]

[Loving Honduras!]

[Everything is total cheque for these two as we head to clinic]

[MS2 Sara Feldman helps set up for our last day of clinic in Los Terreros]

[All four attendings sit together during a quick break]

[MS2s Gabby Reed and Neha Verma at the end of our very last day of clinic!]

[Gabby, Natalia and Patrick focus as they enter patient encounters into our database]

That's all folks!

Saludos desde Honduras

It is day 14 for the HHA crew here in Honduras and we are having a blast!  This week, 565 women traveled from several rural mountain communities we partner with in Honduras to be seen at our clinic.  These communities include Nueva Union, Guasaule, Guanacaste, Espaveles, Papal√≥n, Protretitos, Tejar, El Corpus, and Los Terreros.  We completed 370 pap smears this year, a record breaking number in HHA history!  

Throughout the week, students learned so much both from the attendings and from each other. MS4 students mentored MS2 students, teaching clinical knowledge and skills, as well as insight into how to work through differential diagnoses, present to attendings, and interact with patients.  Special thanks to our Public Health trip leaders Lavanya Gupta and Lisa Garland for an awesome job with patient intake and behind the scenes logistics this week.

Today we are in Choluteca entering patient data from the week.  This morning we said goodbye to our amazing attendings, who are headed back to Chapel Hill after an incredibly successful week of clinic.  While our MS4 trip leaders Helen Toma and Katie Paul deliver the pap slides to Tegucigalpa early this week, the rest of the group will be taking a 3 day trip to Amapala for some group bonding and well-deserved relaxation!  We will return to our partner communities on 7/15 to deliver cytology results.  Stay tuned for some awesome photos from this week! 

The 2016 Honduran Health Alliance Team

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Update from Helen Toma (an MS4 2016 Trip Leader)

"The spring trip happens every year in order to prep for the summer, as well as so the public health leaders can become more familiar with how things will work in country over the summer, and to meet some of the people involved in making things happen. This year, our first stop was in Choluteca, where we met with Silvia, our liaison at ASHONPLAFA. She helps us acquire all the medications we will need in country, coordinates for all of our pap smear slides to get sent to Tegucigalpa and read, and is very diligent about helping women get the follow-up care they need. While in Choluteca, we were also able to meet with women who work for the Oficina Municipal de la Mujer, an organization that works to help and empower women experiencing domestic violence. The women there were able to explain to us the resources offered, as well as how women can obtain them.

From Choluteca we headed to El Corpus, our home base for the summer. There, we met with Juana and worked out all the details for summer, including lodging and transportation for clinic week. We also headed up to Madrigales, where clinic is held, and met with the promotores from the various surrounding communities. We had a record breaking SEVENTEEN show up! During that meeting we discussed when students would be arriving to present charlas, as well as assigned specific clinic dates for the communities. Another key aspect of this meeting is getting feedback on the charlas. Because the charlas are meant to empower women, we always ask for feedback to make sure women are getting not only the information they need, but most importantly, the information they desire. The public health leaders (Lavanya and Lisa) did a fabulous job of going through the proposed charlas for the upcoming summer, as well as listening to suggestions on ways to tweak or add new information based on the suggestions of the health promoteres."

                                                               La iglesia en El Corpus

                                                      Helen with her 2014 host, Kelin

                                                          Kelin, Lisa, Helen y Lavanya

                                             Helen with 2016 public health leader, Lisa

                                                                  Plato tipico