Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fotos del viaje

[MS4s Diya Jost and Chris Iskander were all smiles at 6 AM on our way to Miami]

[HHA members ready for take-off!]

[The HHA crew on our way to El Corpus]

[Headed to Madrigales on day 2 to set up for clinic]

[MS4 Danielle Martin riding horseback to give charlas in Guasaule]

[Neha Verma (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) in Los Terreros for charlas]

[Ned Hardison (MS2) and Liz Deans (MS4) interview a patient]

[Stephanie Sun (MS2) and Anna Goswick (MS4) are all smiles at clinic]

[MS2 Kunal Patel at our laboratory station to run a urine test]

[Leaving El Corpus for clinic]

[MS2s Marie Anderson and Neha Verma on the way to clinic]

[MS2s on the ride home after another successful day of clinic]

[MS4 Anna Goswick helps MS2 Marie Anderson run a pregnancy test]

[Our fearless leader Helen Toma scrubbing speculums!]

[Our public health leaders, Lisa Garland and Lavanya Gupta, taking a quick break after hours of intake]

[Attendings Dr. Rupal Yu and Dr. Cris Munoz chatting at our clinic in Madrigales]

[Dr. Michael Baca-Atlas listens as Ned Hardison (MS2) and Patrick Snyder (MS4) present their findings]

[Dr. Martha Carlough gives MS2 Kate Garner feedback after an awesome day of work]

[Katie Paul (MS4 leader) and Stephanie Sun (MS2) are a perfectly color coordinated pair!]

[Dr. Munoz carefully counting cytology slides]

[Dr. Munoz and Natalia Smirnova (MS4) pose after a great day of work]

[Liz and Katie debriefing, laughing, and loving being in Honduras!]

[We are forever grateful for our wonderful driver and friend Pedro!]

[Joyously celebrating after another awesome day at clinic]

[Another afternoon in Madrigales means another trip to the pulperia for some post-clinic refrescos]

[Loving Honduras!]

[Everything is total cheque for these two as we head to clinic]

[MS2 Sara Feldman helps set up for our last day of clinic in Los Terreros]

[All four attendings sit together during a quick break]

[MS2s Gabby Reed and Neha Verma at the end of our very last day of clinic!]

[Gabby, Natalia and Patrick focus as they enter patient encounters into our database]

That's all folks!

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