Sunday, June 18, 2017


T-7 days! The 2017 HHA team will be leaving for Honduras in just 7 short days! We are all very excited to head off to Honduras on this wonderful experience. We are spending the last few days before the trip gathering the last of the supplies, brushing up on our Spanish, and trying desperately not to overpack. Hopefully we can do it all! 

We cannot wait until next Sunday!

2017 HHA Team!
Public Health Leaders: Lori Hendrickson and Breanne Lesnar
Medical School Leaders (MS4s): Haley Holway, Jamie Prince
MS4sErica Andrews, Dre Antono, Christopher Cowden, Hannah Jones, Katherine Lee, Terrence Wong, Emily Zalimeni
MS2s: Maggie Conner, Christina Dorismond, Josh Ellis, Radhika Ghodasara, Erin Isenberg, Ana Kouri, Hunter Smith, Sebastian Werner
Attendings: Cristina Munoz, MD, Dana Neutze, MD 
Fellow: Marcela Castillo, MD and 
Resident: Michael Baca-Atlas, MD

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