Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 2 and 3 - Clinic and Farewells

Pictures from our last 2 weeks in Honduras!

[loading up the truck for the first day of clinic]

[the attendings show some excitement for the first day of clinic. left to right: dr. michael baca-atlas, dr. marcela castillo, dr. dana neutze, and dr. cristina muñoz.]

[breanne and lori (public health leaders) smile as they get ready to check in patients]

[katherine (MS4) gives hunter (MS2) some pointers while dr. castillo listens on]

[terrence (MS4) interviews a patient in spanish]

[sebastian (MS2) and erica (MS4) listen to a patient's story] 

[jamie (MS4 leader), terrence (MS4), katherine (MS4), emily (MS4), erica (MS4), haley (MS4 leader), and lori (public health leader) smile after another successful day of clinic]

[decorations for the pharmacy]

[haley (MS4 leader) and josh (MS2) speak to a patient prior to a pap smear]

[dr. neutze weighs in on emily (MS4) and ana's (MS2) plan for a patient]

[clinic in full force]

[hha celebrates the fourth of july]

[the entire hha group smiles after the final day of clinic]

[the group's final ride on the chicken truck]

[hannah (MS4), ana (MS2), jamie (MS4 leader), and josh (MS2) try to make the best of the situation while on the chicken truck during a thunderstorm]

[the group spends the day working together to input 500+ patient charts into the database]

[students input the last few patient charts]

[the group enjoys a break in ampala while they await pap smear results]

[dre (MS4) shows the group his amazing light painting skills]

[the group enjoys one last meal at juana's during the farewell party]

[and it's a wrap for hha 2017!]

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