Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ready to go!

Bags are packed and supplies are all accounted for!!  We depart for Honduras early tomorrow morning and will be in Tegucigalpa by early afternoon!  Some group members are already on their way now, after using the past few weeks of summer break to spend some time in Central or South America to brush up on Spanish and to get to know the culture.  We have a fantastic group of public health students, and rising fourth-year and second-year medical students who will be making their way down.  We will be met later by the residents and attendings who will bring the last bit of supplies.

We will be spending the first night in Tegucigalpa and then on Tuesday we will take a bus to El Corpus, near the city of Choluteca.  Our work takes place in the southeastern part of Honduras near the border with Nicaragua.

El Corpus is marked, just west of Choluteca.
 Tuesday and Wednesday we be setting up in El Corpus and preparing charlas, which we will give to the women in the villages later in the week.  Hopefully we will get a chance to update you as we go along!  We have a group member documenting the day-to-day adventures and projects that we undertake, and we will update this blog whenever we have internet access.  We also will be taking pictures and recording flip-cam videos, and those albums will be available on our website shortly after we return.

Wish us luck and safe travels!!    

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