Monday, June 25, 2012

Arrived in Tegucigalpa!

Successful so far!!  All fifteen of us -- along with our personal baggage and our massive amounts of supplies -- made it to Honduras without a hitch!  We are staying in a beautiful little hotel in Tegucigalpa -- with a lovely owner, a gorgeous view of the city, and an internet connection!

View from our hotel
The group flying out of RDU via Miami had some minor delays in Florida, but it actually put us at the perfect arrival time, so that we arrived within thirty minutes of the other travelers coming from elsewhere.  Once we all convened, we exchanged money and grabbed some lunch at the airport, and we were able to share a couple of vans to get to our hotel.

The plan for today is to stay in the hotel and relax and stay safe.  We will be going over the plans for the next few days, as well as distributing some money and supplies between us.  Also -- most importantly -- we will be getting to know eachother over a pizza dinner this evening.  There are three men and twelve women; and we make up a total of two public health students, six rising MS2 students, and seven rising MS4 students (including our two leaders).  The residents and attendings will be joining us next week for the clinic.

Everybody is definitely excited for what the next few weeks have in store, but we are glad to have a day of relaxation and preparation before we begin.  Stay tuned!

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