Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you to our supply donors!!!

This post is to thank those who have contributed medical supplies for our upcoming trip.  We also have many generous people who donated money via our Christmas card campaign -- and that "thank you" list will be posted next.  The money that was donated will go directly to follow-up care for women needing treatment for any abnormal pap smears and further medical needs.  The medical supplies are being directly transported down to Honduras for us to distribute to the women and use to fully stock and run the clinics in Madrigales and Los Torreros.  So THANK YOU so much to the following generous supply donors!  We couldn't have done it without you!

UNC Chapel Hill Campus Health Services
Dr. Melanie Mintzer with Generations Family Practice
Sam Hawes of the Office of International Activities at UNC School of Medicine
Moses Cone Hospital
Bruce Alexander
Mary Simpkins


In the final month before our trip, we are hoping to gather just a few more items! Please email if you or anyone you may know would be able to donate any of the following supplies!

200 urinalysis strips
95 cytobrushes
55 spatulas
3 chucks
2 metal sounds
Again, thank you to those who have helped us so far!  Please continue to follow us for more updates.

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