Monday, June 24, 2013

Arrived in Tegucigalpa!

After leaving RDU and 12 hours of airports, flights, and a taxi ride we arrived to Hotel Linda Vista safe and sound. Along with huge bags of clinic supplies and backpacks in tow, we (7 MS2s, 8 MS4s, and 2 public health leaders) have taken over the entirety of the hotel. We relaxed, unpacked, and will now have a pizza dinner, database training and logistical rundown. We leave early for Choluteca tomorrow where will will set up clinic and prepare for charlas before leaving for our community homestays later this week.

We have anticipated and worked hard to plan this trip, so it's both exciting and surreal to be here. We are proud to represent HHA's 10th trip! More to come. 

View from Hotel Linda Vista

From the left: Carolyn (MS4), Emily (MS4), John (MS4), Dan (MS4), and Kyle (MS2)

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