Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays from the HHA family!

The HHA first-years took a much-needed break from studying the cranial nerves to kick off our fundraising campaign for the 2013 trip.  We spent an evening sharing a potluck dinner and stuffing envelopes for family, friends and past donors. After winter break, we will take a class with public health students in which we will prepare our health education talks, coordinate trip logistics and learn about the cultural context of the communities we will engage with. We have big shoes to fill, and are looking forward to strengthening the relationship that UNC has built with these Honduran communities for the past decade! 

We appreciate all of your support! If you would like to make a donation, please visit:

Potluck and Holiday Card Fundraiser!

HHA first-years!

A little bit about us:

Front Row (starting from the left):

Jordana (Jordy) Laks graduated from Tufts University in 2012, majoring in Biology and Community Health. As a Spanish-speaker with experience leading medical service trips in Guatemala, she is excited to return to Central America bringing new medical skills. Through HHA, Jordy is looking forward to learning about the health care system in Honduras and collaborating with fellow medical and public health students.

Desiree Coutinho graduated from Furman University in 2010 with a major in Biology and Latin American studies. Before starting at UNC she volunteered in a hospital in the Dominican Republic for a year and spent another year at a small non-profit.

Back Row (starting from the left):

Liza Lichtenfled took a circuitous route to medicine. She studied history and economics at Dartmouth College, worked for a writer in Chicago, spent a handful of years conducting urban planning research in Spain, and apprenticed in a bakery in Chile—all before pursuing medical school.   Liza has an irreverent and generous spirit and is quick to crack a smile. Aside from her studies, she can bake a darn good chocolate cake and run 6 miles slowly.  She is thrilled to be participating in HHA. 

Tyler Warmack graduated from UNC with a degree in Economics and then joined the Peace Corps in Ecuador for two years. After the Peace Corps he finished his medical school prerequisites and is now excited to not only be in medical school, but also to be returning to Latin America with HHA! 

Kyle Roedersheimer graduated in 2009 from Clemson University and for the past three years taught high school Chemistry in inner city Charlotte, NC. He is passionate about helping underserved communities and is very excited for the trip to Honduras. That coupled with his love for the outdoors makes this a perfect experience for him this summer!

Jackie Lee graduated from UNC Chapel as a Biology major in May 2012. As an undergraduate she studied Spanish and is looking forward to using and practicing her Spanish language skills to deliver medical care in Honduras a member of HHA!

Christina Olson graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a major in Global Studies in May 2012. She has served as an interpreter for SHAC clinic for a number of years and has worked on public health projects in Malawi and Mexico. She is excited for the opportunity to work to engage with women’s health, utilize her Spanish and work with such an inspiring group of fellow students!

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