Friday, August 14, 2015

By The Numbers

Final Counts from the 2015 HHA trip are in! The HHA staff had an incredibly productive year, seeing and treating more women than any previous year! 

Here are the numbers:

Total women seen:  567 
Pap smears performed:  291 
IUDs placed:  15  
Depo Injections:   44  
OCP 1 month packs provided:   3601  
Women sent for follow-up care:   22  
Partner treatments hiked out to community: 32  

Communities visited/treated:  10  

This year's trip added an additional clinic day as well as an additional community to reach more Honduran women. Although HHA continues to make great progress in providing women's healthcare to rural and underserved women, the organization continues to strive to expand its services and reach in years to come. 

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