Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Clinic Set-up

We arrived in El Corpus yesterday after a smooth 4 hour ride down south. The quaint, cobblestone town will serve as our home base for the remainder of our trip. After splitting up and meeting our five different host families, we ate dinner and regrouped to plan the following day´s activities. The mountainous views in this part of the country are picturesque and are a sight worth the trip down alone.

This morning, we piled into the back of a ¨chicken truck¨ around 7:30 and made the mountainous climb to our clinic in a tiny pueblo named Madrigales. For the rest of the morning, we set up exam rooms, divided supplies, and prepared the clinic for the patients we will see next week. Katie Paul and Helen Toma (MS1s) have been organizing our supplies all year and ran the show (seamlessly, I might add). We have four exam rooms, a pharmacy, and a sterilization center for speculums. We made note of remaining supplies we need, and closed up the clinic until we return next Monday.

Throughout the Spring, the first year students and public health trip leaders worked together to construct several public health talks (charlas) that will be given in each community. Our four talks include an introduction to the purpose of our organization, family planning, domestic violence, and life stages. Julia and Kendra, our two public health leaders, have done an incredible job pulling together all our presentation materials, and we all feel well-prepared for our community stays.

Tomorrow we head out in pairs to where we will spend three days presenting our public health charlas and recruiting women to come to our clinic. Everyone has a slightly different journey ahead of them - long bus rides, hikes, and even horseback riding.

We return to El Corpus Sunday. Due to the remoteness of some communities, we will not have Internet connection so please check back in four days for an update!

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  1. Felicidades a todos los Tar Heels en Honduras. Que experiencia. Esperamos que las charlas esta fin de semana salen bien y que un gran cantidad de mujeres llegen a la clinica en El Cuerpo el lunes. Ustedes están dando un gran ayuda a la gente Honduran y es cierto que a ellas les gusta.

    Estamos leyendo todos los blogs y esperando las fotos del viaje.

    Sus aficionados Tar Heels quienes están en Minnesota por el verano.

    Buena suerte a todos.