Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick check-in… Power is back! (Wednesday Post)

Sorry for the delay in posts!  The power has been out since this past weekend in El Corpus.  The past few posts were written in a Word Document, so please catch up on what we’ve been up to!  We finished our third clinic day, and we now have seen women from Espaveles, Guanacaste, and Papalon.  The last two days were definitely calmer than the first – we saw fifty to sixty women each day, as opposed to the ninety women on the first day!

Since the electricity was gone for the first few days, we have been spending post-clinic time updating the databases on the computers.  We stuck to paper medical records the first two days, so we have a good deal to catch up on, but spirits are still wonderfully high! 

Thursday should be another crazy day, with TWO communities to see instead of one.  On top of that, it has been a very dry winter here, so women that usually cannot make the journey due to the height of a river (between their village and Madrigales) will most likely be able to make the trip this year.  We’re ready for another big day!  And then on Friday we head to Los Torreros to set up another clinic for two days – to access the women that are further away.  We’ll check back in after Los Torreros!

And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! We are off to shoot off some fireworks!! 

Sparklers for the Fourth!!

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